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Hand to wheel contact on manual wheelchairs has been identified as a major source of spreading germs in institutions.


1 and 25 patients in a hospital will acquire some kind of infection.


From the Center for Disease Control, infections are a major cause of hospitalization and death; as many as 380,000 people die of the infections in long-term care facilities every year.


Our Goal

Reduce direct contact with the tire and hand on manual wheelchairs.


The product is the invention of an RN working in the Infectious Disease Ward of a large hospital.



•Added bonus ergonomic design, no need to squeeze just push down to engage. 

•Made from soft FDA approved polyurethane.

• Easy on easy off no tools or training

•This product will be available in October 2017 




The Shield is designed for use in hospitals and the result of years

of engineering testing and development and  will be available

in October.



The Shield could be a critical part of your strategy to prevent

healthcare-associated infections.